Rental management

Kaps-Habitat is at your disposal to manage your property. We offer comprehensive rental management services, taking care of all aspects of the property leasing process to ensure efficient and satisfactory operations for both owners and tenants. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating marketing and property promotion strategies to attract potential tenants, including advertising on major online platforms and communication channels;
  • Establishing clear criteria for selecting tenants to ensure reliable tenants and the security of your investment;
  • Drafting clear and fair lease agreements, ensuring compliance with all clauses and regulations;
  • Efficient management of rent collection and other fees;
  • Participation in property general meetings;
  • Execution and monitoring of maintenance and repair works;
  • Providing detailed and transparent financial reports;

Leave the management of your rental property in professional hands. Contact us to find out how together we can help maximize the return on your property.

Administrative management of condominium

Kaps-Habitat highlights the importance of efficient administrative management to ensure the smooth operation, transparency, and harmony of your condominium. We offer specialized services, taking care of all bureaucratic and operational aspects. Our services include:

  • Establishing a clear organizational structure, including the election of a trustee, advisory board, and specific committees, if necessary;
  • Establishing effective communication channels between the administration and the residents;
  • Managing contracts with suppliers and service providers;
  • Preparing an annual budget that includes fixed and variable expenses, and the collection of condominium fees;
  • Providing periodic reports and accounting to residents in meetings;
  • Implementing clear policies to handle conflicts;
  • Coordinating cleaning services for common areas;
  • Developing improvement and investment plans for common areas, promoting the value of the property and the quality of life of the residents;

With Kaps-Habitat, you ensure effective and transparent management, relying on our expertise to maintain and enhance the value of your property.

Technical management of condominium

Effective technical management is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of facilities, quality of life, and residents' safety. Kaps-Habitat offers personalized technical management services tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our key services include:

  • Supervising all activities related to maintenance and repairs of condominium facilities;
  • Creating activity control forms;
  • Implementing preventive maintenance instead of repair and reconstruction;
  • Managing residence employees and reorganizing activity and task distribution among internal and external workers;
  • Developing a continuous preventive maintenance plan for electrical systems, elevators, security systems, water reservoirs, etc.;
  • Establishing emergency protocols to handle situations such as electrical failures, water leaks, fires;
  • Providing technical consultancy to assist in decision-making;
  • Preparing periodic reports and audits;
  • Preparing, distributing, and posting information circulars;

With Kaps-Habitat, your facilities are in the hands of an experienced and dedicated team committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Contact us to enhance the technical management of your property.

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