KAPS GROUP was founded in 2019 in Luxembourg by Mr. Salvador Lopes - a qualified estate agent and a professional in the Luxembourg real estate market for over 10 years – to replace his previous company and improve national operations as a real estate agency as well as an investor in the sector. Salvador Lopes recently decided to take his experience in the real estate sector beyond Luxembourg, to Cape Verde (his native country), where operations there are managed by a KAPS GROUP’s sister company KAPS HABITAT.

Due to our vast experience in and in-depth knowledge about the real estate market, both in Luxembourg and, more recently, in Cape Verde, KAPS GROUP is in an ideal position to provide a specialized and transversal service - always effectively handling projects, regardless of how challenging they may be – to national or international individual investors or companies and institutions.

Our team is always completely dedicated to any and all clients’ projects, applying - without exception - the greatest care, all of our knowledge and competence when consulting, selling, renting, managing, evaluating and searching for properties.

We always strive to work in a close, discreet, honest, transparent and committed way with our clients, which should provide them feel complete safe when investing whether in Cape Verde with KAPS HABITAT or in Luxembourg with KAPS GROUP.


Salvador Lopes is the Managing Director and main partner of KAPS GROUP. He started his career as an independent real estate agent in 2011 - after having obtained the relevant qualifications as a real estate Broker, Administrator and Promoter, in Luxembourg, in 2010 (Awarded by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce). He is also a private investor in the real estate sectors in both Luxembourg and Cape Verde.

Salvador Lopes immigrated from Cape Verde to Luxembourg in 1995. Being already at that age an excellent naturally gifted sportsman, he got actively involved in athletics, at a national federation level, in Luxembourg, between 1996 and 2004. He became the national champion in 100 , 200 and 400 meter-dash. He also achieved other prestigious sporting merits, such as the gold medal in 400 meter-dash, in San Marino (Italy), at The 2001 Games of the Small States of Europe.

He has been motivated by a 'must-win' mentality since a very young age, which, after all, led him to dedicate himself to sport and become a champion in national and international competitions. Therefore, it is no surprise when people realize that Salvador has adopted that same mentality to all other aspects of his life, thus applying in everything he does similar self-discipline, hard work and a tireless pursuit of success.

Salvador's professional ethics and personal conduct are well reflected throughout his professional life in Luxembourg, whether at work, school or sport. He started his job as a highway maintenance employee with Perspectives Emploi Asbl – a company dedicated to training and professional development in various activity sectors.

He qualified in the field of automotive mechanics and logistics in Luxembourg. Salvador practically went through all the departments of the company for which he works - from responsible for the equipment maintenance service to management of the logistics service. Currently, he still holds the position of General and Technical Coordinator for Health and Safety, a job he has been performing for more than 10 years. He is also an instructor of Health & Safety in maintenance works in highways. At the moment he manages a subsidiary company - Nouvelles Perspectives Emploi Sarl - with more than 80 people under its responsibility and supervision.

As responsible for the business development, operations, as well as the teams of KAPS GROUP and KAPS HABITAT , Salvador Lopes is the trusted firm foundation of both companies. He ensures that the business provides an exceptional and 'winning' service, because, after all, he is a dedicated and unfailing winner who deserves complete trust by clients and investors.

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